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Citrus County


Citrus County is located on the Western coast of central Florida. Access to beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, an abundant amount of yearlong sunshine, and a modest cost of living make it a hotspot for real estate.


Before Florida became a state, the Seminole Indians inhabited what is now Citrus Country. In 1835, when the American government attempted to make the Seminoles leave, the Second Seminole War began.

After Florida became a state in 1845, Citrus County was still a part of Hernando County and was only beginning to become settled.

The citrus boom in the early 1880s brought farmers and developers to the area. Austin Mann, a farmer and the area’s state senator, drafted a bill that made Citrus County an official county in 1887.

In the 1970’s real estate boomed. Thousands of retirees flocked to this area and are still continuing to do so. This makes the real estate market in this area a desirable one.

Attractions and Activities

The biggest attraction in Citrus County is swimming with manatees in the Crystal River. It is the only place in the United States that one can legally get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Homes and other types of real estate in Citrus County offer a lot for buyers. Its location, beauty, attractions, and great prices make this area a wonderful place to live, work, or retire.  Buyers considering this area should contact a Citrus County realtor today.

Parks and Recreation

Citrus County is home to an abundant amount of parks and trails. Included among these are the Withlacoochee Bay Trail and Hunter Springs Park. Many of these parks include access to the beach. One is able to find fishing spots, areas to swim, hiking trails, and much more in the parks around this area.