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Ready for a change in your life? Start the process to become a Foxfire agent.

If you want to become a real estate agent, you need to be ready to invest time and money into your education. You must pass a Florida state licensing exam and work with a broker who can help you get your first client.

Foxfire agents, the true local market experts, embody the company’s values of trust, integrity, and respect. They stand above the rest for their skill, guidance, and service. Join the team by becoming an agent with Foxfire.

Steps to becoming part of our team:

Education: Future agents must take pre-licensing courses and meet their state’s requirements. Some states may set the number of hours to complete while others look for college-level course experience. Research your state’s requirements.

Choosing a Brokerage: Agents are required to find a broker before they graduate who will help them land their first clients. Many of the industry’s finest brokerages compose the Foxfire network. These brokers have a top reputation, understand the housing market, and provide ongoing training to ensure their agents are the best.

Obtaining your License: After graduation, you must pass state and national exams. Typically, a criminal background test is required before the state issues a license.

Building a Client List: Ask family and friends if they or anyone they know is planning to sell or buy a home in the near future. Networking is a crucial part of becoming a successful agent.

Becoming a Realtor: If you wish to use the term, “Realtor” you must become a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) by choosing and affiliated brokerage and attending a certain number of meeting designated by your local chapter.

Contact a Foxfire Realty Office for details.